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Boost Your Creativity This Spring

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Spring has arrived once again and if you live in  North East America as I do, then you may just be caught up in the garden rescue frenzy of flocking to garden centers to buy new plants.  With the arrival of Spring we once again plant new gardens and open our windows to breathe in the change that comes with the new season. 

Let’s take a moment to consider what we need to do this Spring to clean out our brains, as well.  Here’s a start to spark the development of a few more creative neurons while you are walking your dog, gardening, or spring cleaning your rooms. Invite change into your brains by consciously making the decision to do something different everyday this Spring.

Our intention to do this will bring about the attention we require for our brain to  take part in this small exercise of change. In other words our brains will not focus the attention without the intention first.

Take your dog somewhere different, change a small part of your garden or window box. Buy your coffee at a different coffee shop. Make a point of speaking to someone that you would not normally talk to. Walk into a shop that does not interest you. Read a story in the paper that would not normally excite you.

Take a moment to think about how you felt after taking this tiny step outside of your comfort zone. Give yourself this little challenge to do something that is not routine and not easy, and your brain will notice and compute this change.  Change is not only a vital constant in nature, but one of the most powerful stimulants of neurogenesis.  This is one small step in igniting a part of your creative brain for greater productivity, innovative ideas, and productivity!


"Krysia Woods has smarts, skills and sass, and offers audiences the opportunity to open their Creative Brain while they enjoy a good laugh!"

~ Tami Evans
President Elect, National Speakers Association-NYC Chapter.

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