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Entertain to Educate; Deliver Easy to Implement Take-away Strategies

Her fast paced presentations are delivered with high content, high energy, Aussie humor and easily implemented take-away strategies. With a medical and science background, and accreditation with The Neuroscience Academy, all the content that she shares with her audiences are based on the latest neuroscience. As an international artist her slides are visually captivating. As a former stage and television actress she puts on an entertaining show.

Krysia is on a mission to make her audiences aware of the significant changes that they can make to improve the health and function of their brains. Individuals and organizations stand to enjoy and profit from higher productivity, creativity, and less absenteeism based on the effectiveness of her presentation take-aways.

Whether it be a 30-75 minute keynote, 3 hour workshop, or an hour lunch and learn, book Krysia now:


Boost Your Brain Function

Increase Productivity, Performance and Profitability in the Workplace.

Boost Your Brain Health

Learn How to Improve Performance, Reduce Disease and Slow the Aging Process

Turn On Your Creative Your Brain

Be More Productive and Be the One to Come Up with the Bright Ideas

Krysia can customize her presentations to fit your audience. Each of her three topics can be converted into an experiential break-out session.

Presentation Summary:

The human brain is the most extraordinary and complex machine known to mankind. This 3lb of soft tissue leaves computers and today’s most sophisticated technology behind with its endless capacity for innovation, problem solving, and creativity. In this presentation Krysia addresses the key ways to improve your brain function based on the latest neuroscience. She will discuss how you can achieve peak performance, and be more productive and engaged at work. Not-to-mention have far fewer sick days.

This presentation is geared toward professionals in the workforce with valuable and easily implemented tips and tools on erasing brain fog, activating focus for meetings, and putting a stop to procrastination.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will:

  • Understand how to stop procrastination
  • Know seven strategies to optimize brain function which can be implemented immediately
  • Be able to use mental imagery to enhance performance
  • Understand how to prevent memory loss

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Presentation Summary:

Our brains are the command centers of our thinking, body functioning, and our lives. Yet, many people spend more time evaluating their physical fitness and the safety and performance of their cars, than they do evaluating the fitness and performance of their brains.

In this presentation Krysia addresses the seven key ways to improve your brain health based on the latest neuroscience. She introduces the miracle of brain plasticity and demonstrates how the science of brain change will give you control over your biological destiny, and delay brain aging. Krysia also talks about the best diet and best exercise for brain health. Krysia also talks about the best diet and best exercise for brain health as well as the best diet for Detention.

She addresses the impact of food on mood and the Gut-brain micro biome connection. As a pharmacist she will expose the impact of some medication and foods including sugar, grains, gluten, coffee, and alcohol on brain health.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will:

  • Learn the four key ways to immediately boost brain health
  • Understand the seven habits required to slow the aging process and reduce disease
  • Know which foods will affect their mood and performance • know the best diet for brain health
  • Know the best exercise for brain health

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Presentation Summary:

When was the last time someone said, “Great idea ” to you?

Are many people coming up with innovative solutions in your company?

The human brain is the most extraordinary and complex machine known to mankind and Creativity is its greatest asset!

In this highly competitive rapidly changing world of business, we are constantly looking for new ways to do things. 82% of companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and success, yet only 1 in 4 professionals tap into their creative brain.

In this presentation Krysia provides simple tools and strategies to ignite creative thinking based on the latest neuroscience, which can be easily implemented into everyday life. We now know that everyone is capable of being creative, and that both hemispheres of the brain are used in the creative process.

Activating the creative brain results in better problem solving and high productivity, which in turn dramatically impacts the bottom line of every company.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will:

  • Redefine who a creative thinker is
  • Uncover the greatest creative brain myth
  • Understand how to develop creative confidence
  • Incorporate creative thinking into daily life
  • Identify and eliminate the creative saboteurs in their workplace to overcome procrastination
  • Uncover the single greatest enemy of creative thinking

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"Krysia is an entertaining and charismatic speaker. Her talk was truly inspirational and I’m positive she gave every attendee a burgeoning desire to tap into their own creativity. My favorite take away from her talk was 'Don’t stop yourself because of what you don’t know.' "

~ Sarah Binney
Australian Women in New York

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