Meet Krysia

Krysia draws on her diverse career path as a Pharmacist, Businesswoman, International Artist, and Television Presenter, to share her strategies on how to Boost Your Brain Function, Health and Creativity.

Armed with her education in medicine and science, accreditation with The Neuroscience Academy, and over twenty years experience working in the health-care industry, Krysia is on a mission to make her audiences aware of how they can change their brains to be more productive, creative, and healthier.

With the combination of her many years of success working in television, as an international artist, as well in the development of her own businesses, Krysia has valuable business tools to share with her audiences.

The first business Krysia purchased was a failing pharmacy. In under five years she turned it into a profitable business with a seven figure annual turnover. She applied her same creative business strategies to become the first Australian artist to negotiate a lucrative contract with America’s largest gallery group, while living in Australia.

Since moving permanently to the United States, Krysia has exhibited in high end galleries around the country, and engaged clients from all over the world. She has been on covers and featured in national magazines and newspapers in both countries.

Brain Health is a topic she is most passionate about. The loss of both her parents and more recently her mentor to brain disease, her personal struggle with sleep apnea, and the impact of living with and raising an all ADHD family, have further fueled her passion.

As a professional speaker, she has spoken to corporate clients and associations in small and large group formats. Her clients have included Architectural and Design firms in Australia and the United States, an International Hotel Consulting Firm, the American Australian Association and Australian Professional Women in New York City. Krysia is a member of the National Speakers Association and the NSA New York Chapter. She is an advisor to the C-Suite Network for which she writes a regular on-line column.

Krysia lives outside of New York City with her trophy husband, two brilliant sons, and even smarter pedigree Pomsky, and stray cat.

“Who would have thought that a medically minded Pharmacist and businesswoman could turn into a catalyst for creative thinking as well? Krysia certainly did!”

~ Fiona Crawford
Head Media Liaison for Minister for Education and former Head Producer of ABC TV, Qld, Australia

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