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Love Your Brain This Valentine’s Day

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How much do you love your brain? 

This Valentine’s Day I urge you to take the time to think of the relationship you have with this 3lb vital organ that takes so much care of you everyday. This brain of yours requires an enormous amount of energy to perform as well as it does. When you stop and think of how much you do on any given day,  then I think you owe it to your brain to give it some love and attention.

The human adult brain makes up only 2% of the body’s mass, yet uses 20% of energy intake. Babies’ brains use 60%.

Are you providing well for your brain?

Most of us take the time out for an annual physical, and regular blood tests to check our thyroid, cholesterol,immunity and liver functioning.  We get regular blood pressure tests,ECGs and  referrals to a variety of medical specialists to check our eyes, skin, and sexual organs. Many of us get fitness assessments and have gym memberships.

All of this is absolutely essential to our health and wellbeing. However, how much time and energy do you dedicate to boosting your brain function?

We spend so much time and money maintaining our cars, homes, hobbies and gardens. This again is fantastic, but how much time and money do we spend addressing the needs of our brains?

Many of us spend mega bucks on all kinds of lotions, potions, and pills to keep our skin clear, our eyes bright, our teeth clean, our hair shiny and our nails strong. What are you doing daily to make sure that your brain is nourished?

If we provide our brain with everything it needs to achieve peak performance, we are able to function at our best, be more productive and live a far more rewarding life.

This Valentine’s Day take the time to fall in love with your brain. Think about what you can do to make it function better. Try the following for one week as see how your brain will reward you.

1. Get seven nights of quality sleep.

2.  Exercise for 20 minutes/day for seven days.

3.  Do one thing differently each day.

4.  Eat one different vegetable and fruit with each meal for seven days.

5.  Learn and use a new word each day.

6.  Sit and meditate for ten minutes each day.


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~ Tami Evans
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