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Causes of Brain Fog

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Although Brain Fog is not a medically diagnosable condition, it is a common phrase that most people use when they are experiencing symptoms affecting their ability to think. There are a number of reasons why people experience Brain Fog. If you believe that this is what you are indeed experiencing, then it may just take […]

Sex For Brain Health

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Most of us already happily know that sex is like a drug. This is largely due to the release of Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the reward center in our brains. Many other things also do this, but do not necessarily lead to better brain health. Research into how sex affects the brain is clearly […]

Love Your Brain This Valentine’s Day

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How much do you love your brain?  This Valentine’s Day I urge you to take the time to think of the relationship you have with this 3lb vital organ that takes so much care of you everyday. This brain of yours requires an enormous amount of energy to perform as well as it does. When […]

Celebrate Neuroplasticity On Your Birthday

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My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Given I am considered “middle aged,” I am happy to report that I am not only grateful to  be alive, but I am also grateful to science and how far it has come in understanding the aging brain. It was only a few decades ago […]

Use It Or Lose It Brain

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There has been a common misconception for many years that we only use 10% of our brain.  Unfortunately, this myth has been perpetuated even by more recent Hollywood movies such as “Lucy,” staring Scarlett Johansson. Of course the idea of only using 10% of our brain makes us more optimistic about having 90% untapped potential, […]

The Power Of Sleep On Your Brain

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Amnesty International lists sleep deprivation as a form of Torture. However, for some crazy reason sleep is one of the first things that we are all willing to sacrifice to keep up with life’s demands. Sleep deprivation impacts cognition (thinking), mood, memory and learning, and leads to chronic disease. You must have noticed how staying […]

What You Eat Affects Your Productivity

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All the research that I have done and all of my continuing education with The Neuroscience Academy for health professionals has changed so many decisions that I make each and every day. As I continue to be enlightened and the quality of my life steadily improves I regret all the years that so much of […]

Boost Your Creativity This Spring

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Spring has arrived once again and if you live in  North East America as I do, then you may just be caught up in the garden rescue frenzy of flocking to garden centers to buy new plants.  With the arrival of Spring we once again plant new gardens and open our windows to breathe in […]


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