• Boost Your Brain Function. Improve productivity, performance and profitability in the workplace.

  • Boost Your Brain Health Feed and exercise your brain to improve performance, reduce disease and slow the aging process.

  • Turn On Your Creative Brain. Boost Productivity, Creativity and profitability. Be the one to come up with the bright idea.

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Our brains are not wired to multi-task

In an era of email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, we're required to do several things at once, which is making our brain's considerably less efficient.

Brain Function

Do you know the seven ways to boost brain function?

Brain Health

Do you know the best exercise and food to boost brain health?

Creative Brain

Do you know the seven ways to turn on your creative brain?

Unlocking creativity

is key to unlocking economic growth, yet "only 1 in 4 people believe they are living up to their creative potential."
~ Adobe, The Creativity Gap

  • "Food has a direct impact on our
    cognitive performance, which is why
    a poor decision at lunch can derail an
    entire afternoon”.
    Ron Friedman ~ Harvard Business Review

Meet Krysia

Armed with the latest neuroscience, Krysia Woods brings over thirty years of medical, science, television, and visual and performing arts experience to her audiences to boost their brain function, health and creativity. Audiences leave highly motivated to use Krysia's simple daily strategies to boost their brain power.

More About Krysia

Krysia can captivate an audience of one or one thousand with her intellect, sharp wit, and on-screen charisma, and her creative thinking and brain boosting strategies have inspired many.

Lynette Keep, Chief of Staff and producer at ABC TV

Krysia's Presentations on Boosting Brain Health

Whether it is a 30-75 minute keynote, 3 hour workshop, or a "lunch and learn," her presentations are ideal for individuals or organizations looking to be more productive, more creative and healthier.


“As a consultant working in Marketing and Innovation, I understand the significant impact that creativity and disruptive thinking have on business growth. Krysia Woods’ sessions on Igniting Creativity are dynamic, intelligent and inspiring. Ms. Woods’ speaking style is down to earth and her sessions are full of useful take away tools, and practical tips to infuse creativity into your work style.”

Ilana Bryant, Founder, Special Forces, Marketing & Innovation consulting specialists for Fortune 500 companies.