• Fall in love with your brain. Krysia Woods
    International Businesswoman. Artist. Speaker.

  • Make both sides work for you. Improve productivity, performance and profitability in the workplace.

  • Refresh Your thinking. Be innovative and live up to your potential.

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You can't get much done

with one hand tied behind your back. You won't do much better using only one side of your brain, either. ~ Krysia Woods

Left Brain?

Ordered, analytical, systematic, but lack creativity in thinking.

Right Brain?

Innovative and intuitive, but lack analytical and organizational skills.

Stuck Thinking?

Overwhelmed, barely keeping up, no fresh ideas, can't get ahead.

Unlocking creativity

is key to unlocking economic growth, yet "only 1 in 4 people believe they are living up to their creative potential."
~ Adobe, The Creativity Gap

  • “TURN ON YOUR CREATIVE BRAIN” Seven simple strategies that everyone can use now.

Meet Krysia

Krysia draws upon her unique and successful career path where she fluidly transitioned between the traditionally Left Brain world of math, chemistry, and business and the traditionally Right Brain world of the creative arts - including stage, television, and painting - in both Australia and the United States.

More About Krysia

Krysia can captivate an audience of one or one thousand with her intellect, sharp wit, and on-screen charisma, and her creative thinking strategies have inspired many.

Lynette Keep, Chief of Staff and producer at ABC TV

For Professionals

From 30 minute key-note presentation to a 3-hour workshop, this program is ideal for professionals who wish to become Creative Thinkers and be more insightful and productive in their workplace, and personal lives.


"Krysia Woods has smarts, skills and sass, and offers audiences the opportunity to open their Creative Brain while they enjoy a good laugh!"

~ Tami Evans President Elect, National Speakers Association-NYC Chapter.